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DStv payment – Pay at your convenience

dstv payment

Stay entertained and feel alive with many shows, movies, series, news, games and live broadcasts. The dishum dishum, the tears and the ha-ha, fill you with many emotions. Entertainment from across the world is delivered at your door step by the satellite television. It may be Chinese, Japanese or Portuguese a good satellite television will give you everything. How can one get unlimited entertainment? The answer is simple, a good satellite television provider can give you plenty of entertainment. DStv payment Online makes it even more convenient for the consumers to avail its services.

dstv online payment

Beat the boredom with Digital satellite Television. Abbreviated as the DStv, the Digital satellite television is the leading stv provider in the whole of Africa. Owned by the very professional company, MultiChoice, DStv provides uninterrupted entertainment at an undebatable price. It was early established in the year 1995 and soon became famous for its unobstructed stream of quality movies, documentaries, news, music and sports shows. The consumers of the Dstv have taken pride in enjoying quality entertainment ever since then. The subscribers also supported it for improving the lifestyle to an extent. At the moment the Dstv has over six billion subscribers and the number is slowly raising. South Africa alone has 4.4 million subscribers, the majority of users belong here and the Nigeria around three million. Apart from these gigantic countries, Uganda, Mauritius, Tanzania and Kenya also has plenty of Dstv subscribers. The growing number of subscribers in these countries is a true measure of the quality of the entertainment provided by this company. This is the company’s history;

Firs the, pay-televison came to Africa, its focus was mainly on South Africa providing a single channel service, in the year 1986, by 1992 Naspers created MultiChoice and finally by October 1995 MultiChoise has already announced the DStv to the public.

Stay Entertained N Stay Informed- DSTV PAYMENT ONLINE

dstv payment online

Standing in long queues with hand full of cash can be upsetting. Also, entertainment should be pure leisure, why put in extra effort for the sake of entertainment? Going to the service center, waiting for the invoice to be generated and paying in cash, it is not a lot to do but what if all these are not required? Common, it is the digital era, time of online transactions, why not avail what we are blessed with? Try Dstv payment with us, it is online, one hundred percent secure and we do not charge extra for our service.

Online payments are safe and easy with us. Debit card, credit card, ATM, e-money and other Internet payments. We accept anything that is convenient to you. Our sole purpose is to provide our subscribers easy and secure online payments. All your bills can be paid at one spot including Dstv online payments. No more toggling between pay online websites, make your Dstv online payments with us.

DStv payment options

dstv payment options

With us DStv online payment is equally good as direct DStv payments. You can pay for Reconnecting the package, Upgrading your package, Subscribing a package, Adding services to the existing package and more. Any kind of DStv payments can be made with us just with two- three clicks. All you have to do is to select what you want to pay with. After selecting the category of payment like DStv online payment, select what you want to pay for eg:- Upgrading the package, then select the type of payment like visa, debit card, credit etc and click proceed. Tada! Your DStv is now upgraded with your requested services. We provide the best DStv payment options just like our other online payment options.