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Internet in Uganda – An introductory

A computer mesh work constituting of many networks that are interconnected using a standard protocol is called the Internet. Millions of computers connected to form a network supporting information exchange is also Internet. It can also be defined as a worldwide connection of networks where a computer in a network can access info from another computer that is connected to yet another network, provided the access is granted. One power packed word with many definitions. Keeping the definitions apart, let us understand the relevance of the word.

Main advantages of Uganda Internet.

  • What if you do not want to spend on phone calls?
  • What if you are lazy to make transactions through a bank?
  • What if you are not in a mood to go out shopping?
  • What if you want to see your friends who happen to stay far away?

Internet in UgandaThere is only one solution to all these queries – The Internet. Internet calls are indeed very much free and when it comes to banking nothing can be more comfortable than E-banking. What about shopping you may ask? Again, the internet today has so many e-shopping websites, just select what you want and have it delivered to your homes. When you happen to miss your friends or relatives staying far away just relax, that is what the real timing is for. You could actually talk to them and even better see them in real time. What else can be more comforting than having an Internet connection? The Internet is also a highly used tool for research work, education et cetera. You can in fact explore the world with it. Just imagine searching a bunch of newspapers and magazines for a particular info, if you have Internet all you need to do is punch in a query and tada! You have it. All the countries in this world are connected to the Internet. Uganda alone has 5631937 reported internet users and it is in 55th position when Internet usage is concerned. That is, many people use internet in Uganda. Quite a few companies today provide internet in Uganda but not all of them are reliable. Before choosing the Uganda Internet providers

How to Choose Internet Provider in Uganda?

Today in Uganda Internet providers are many. All of them access the Internet in different ways through different mediums. As, a result, their rates also vary. Some companies may have expensive& outdated ways of accessing the Internet and this directly affects the price at which they sell the Internet access. Having some prior knowledge about Uganda internet providers is important. Let us start with the mediums, Internet provides deploy to get connected to the Internet. They have different choices like modems, broadband, DSL, etc. Futhermore, the modems may also vary like Dial ups, cable modems, etc. Forgetting about the prices, the speed of Uganda Internet access also depends on the type of medium. Like Dial up is the lousiest of all, it is super slow. Plus, it needs a phone line dedicated exclusivelyfor your PC inorder to access the Internet. On the other hand ,there is DSL which is ofcourse faster than dial up and it does not require a dedicated phone line as it can be managed with an existing phone line. However, broadband is a high speed option available for which you do not even need a phone line.

In Uganda internet options are many and the good news is we have a couple of reliable providers of Internet Uganda. Before you choose an internet provider you need to decide few of the things like: How much are you willing to spend? So far Dial up is the cheapest option, despite of it being complicated and slow. Broadband is definitely very much fast but it is very expensive. Additionally, broadband functions smoothly unlike the DSL and dial up. Both the DSL and dial ups can have frequent interruptions.

What type of plan do you want?

Uganda internetUsually the plans are sold out based on data consumptions. It can range from few megabytes a day to unlimited usage. So make sure you subscribe for a plan that do not exceed or exceeded your usage pattern. Some providers also have an option to pay per kilobyte of usage but it is generally limited and ends up being more expensive. So always opt out for plans rather than pay per usage.

Does your provider give you free technical support?

Always choose a provider who readily offer free technical support. If your provider does not give you this, go for some other provider. Plenty of reliable provider of Internet Uganda,there is no need to compromise with a less efficient one. What about special discounts and offers? Some of the well established Internet providers in Uganda, offers and discounts both for fresh and dedicated customers. Keep checking for the offers never know when you could get lucky.

How do you wish to pay?

The payments can be made daily, weekly, monthly or even annually depending on the plan you choose. It can be pre-paid or post paid. Payment options are also plenty. Some of the providers even accept E-money. Otherwise, credit, debit or cash all are acceptable. Choose a payment method and plan to suit your budget.

Below we have enlisted the best Internet Uganda providers:

  • Africell
  • In connecting
  • Tangerine
  • Airtel
  • MTN
  • RokeTelkom

These providers are internationally established and well reputed for their quality of service. In Uganda internet is popularized as a tool for information, education, research and fun. Already more than half of the country use it. So, why should you lag behind?